Let Sequel Funding be a partner in your pre-settlement funding company’s growth

Sequel Funding has over ten years of experience in the funding industry, so we understand the importance of creating a lasting model to keep your business running. Sequel Funding is the answer to your funding company’s need to generate new business by leveraging business that’s already on your books. Sequel purchases funds that your funding company originated, creating a low cost capital infusion for your growth and sustainability. We also provide an incentive upon resolution of every case to infuse more profit into your company.

How It Works

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All transactions are held closely between you and Sequel Funding

This transaction is a closed transaction only between Sequel and your Funding Company.
There’s no notice to your attorney or to your plaintiff.

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How It Works

We purchase funds that you originate. Sequel Funding does not originate funding.

This creates cash flow for YOUR BUSINESS! We report every 30 days on funds we’ve purchased.

PLUS… Your attorney continues to be your attorney. Sequel maintains no contact with your attorneys, and all statusing will flow through your business.

Finally, you’ll receive additional profits upon resolution of the purchased cases!

Meet Our Team!

Headshot of Michelle Fuoco, Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Fuoco, Chief Financial Officer

Michelle is a financial specialist with over thirty years experience in the field. A self described team player, she is proudly accurate, efficient, detail oriented, fair, kind and helpful. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially if it entails sports and the outdoors – boating and tennis in particular.

Headshot of Michael Lohrer, Chief Technology Officer

Michael Lohrer, Chief Technology Officer

Michael brings years of database management, sales and administrative know-how to the team. An expert problem-solver and immersive thinker, Michael is empathetic to each client’s special situation. He’s known for developing quick processing, creating reliable contracts and working with outside vendors to expedite the resources for each case. Curious, analytical and approachable, he is an avid gaming enthusiast (both classic board and video) and enjoys travel and time with his kids.

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Leverage business that’s already on your books!

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